Alpaca Adoption Program

A perfect gift for those alpaca lovers who would like to share 
in the Alpaca Lifestyle without the responsibilities of ownership!

For a yearly fee of $250, you can adopt an alpaca of your choice. We will provide you with information on the alpacas that are available for adoption along with descriptions of their personality and other traits to help you select your perfect alpaca.

Your adoption includes:

- a certificate of adoption
- a glossy 8.5" x 11" photo of your alpaca
- a copy of your alpaca's ARI Certificate showing the alpaca's pedigree
- regular personal emails keeping you updated on yoru alpaca's activity, photos, and other farm activities
- invitations to farm events including shearing
- adoptee will receive 5% discount on farm store purchases
- two skeins of yarn from your alpaca to make something special
- if you choose to buy the alpaca, you will receive a 10% discount on the purchase price

This Adoption Program does not denote ownership of the alpaca. Painted Sky Alpaca Farm retains ownership and the remains on the farm. If the alpaca is sold during your adoption period, you will be able to select another alpaca.

Alpacas Available for Adoption

You may adopt any of the alpacas listed below or for those of you who like surprises,
you can adopt the cria of one of our pregnant alpacas. You won't know what you are adopting until the cria is born.
All proceeds go towards the care of your adopted alpaca. Contact us for more information.

ARI# 35316077
Morning Star, aka Nova,
is a beautiful bright white female with lustrous soft fiber.  She is very inquisitive and loves to play with her best bud Dusty.

Click to see her on OpenHerd 

ARI# 35316084
Magic Hazy Gray, aka Dusty, is a handsome tuxedo gray. He is a rambunctious little boy always keeping the girls on the go!

Click to see him on OpenHerd 

ARI# 35316091
Stormy Mist, aka Tink, is a little ball of white energy. Tink is the smallest of the crias but she makes up for it with her attitude!

Click to see her on OpenHerd 

 ARI# 35316107

Cinnamax Surprise, aka Cinnamon, is a gorgeous mahogany brown with black tipping on her ears and muzzle. Cinnamon is the epitome of a little girl with beautiful fiber, long legs and a sweet disposition.

Click to see her on OpenHerd


ARI# 32472677

Viserion is a very handsome young man taking after his daddy Garrison. He is extremely inquisitive, playful and likes to chase the girls!

Click to see him on OpenHerd

ARI# 32472684

Bella is the princess on the farm
and she knows it! As you can see, she likes to show off her beautiful conformation. Bella is named after her Mom Annabella and her Dad MFI Peruvian Maximization.

Click to see her on OpenHerd

ARI# 30869387

Kasa, as she is lovingly known, is our farm ambassador. She loves to meet and greet visitors and absolutely insists they spend time loving on her.   

Click to see her on OpenHerd

ARI# 32472738

Midnight is a beautiful true black female. She has the sweetest disposition and loves it when visitors spend time loving on her. 

Click to see her on OpenHerd.

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